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iFRAE international strategy:

Italian Design + German Quality + Worldwide Sales

iFRAE high-quality sanitary ware products, which can be traced back to a global idea as well as a good concept management. In order to highlight new trends in the market. With qualified employees we develop luxurious products for a new lifestyle in the sanitary ware sector.

CHina Manufacturing And R&D Center



Our company has a worldwide distribution in order to carry out customer requirements individually.

Italy R&D Center


Center of development and design

Development and design of unique shower cubicles in cooperation with the famous Italian designer Mario Vernacchia.

Germany Manufacturing Center


Production location, research and development

Since the company was founded, there is a production location in Germany. This is an important step for our global strategy and for bringing together knowledge and technology.

Exploring the philosophy of full line sanitary ware space,opening the precedent of international full line intelligent sanitary ware.