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The art fairy of Pantin

Each individual part is tested individually. Rounded corners and a seamless perfection make the work unique. Go beyond your borders, let yourself be inspired by the classic works, which are noble and luxurious. Layer by layer is processed by the grinding process. This gives you durability and scratch resistance. The color is bright and lasting. We attach great importance to this.


Elegant and charming artwork

Simple gold meets uniform purple. Romantic and enchanting for amazing encounters in your bathroom.


Throbbing between fingers,delicate touching

Handle and colorful hinge echo with each other, graceful and smooth lines, round and plump corner. Gently touch handle, the fingers are surrounded by the delicate and smooth metal texture, noble and renowned identity symbol is clearly showed. Sense of grip is plump and comfortable and heartbeat once touch. Match with colorful color is more refined and elegant.


Advanced patent,excellent stable

The hinge includes a double pivot structure similar to an "H". "Hemers" uses the iFRAE 3 + 2 + 3 hinge with a double axis. The force of the shear is distributed to the two axle centers. This makes the doors easier to open and we can ensure a lifetime guarantee on our hinges.


German quality, best choice

The hinges manufactured in Germany are durable because they consist of hard metal and double swivel structures. This design is elegant and luxurious. A hidden splint is inside the hinge. This ensures that the glass is always protected and thus also the life of the glass is increased.


Stable, comfortable and safe

iFRAE is always directly connected to the customer. The customer is our number one priority. Hemers has created two product lines, so you can make an individual selection. The frame and the wall profiles use a hidden locking technique, which is particularly suitable and has a stable structure.


Finished aesthetics

The color of the hinge, the handle, the frame and the wall clamp appear are in elegant colors.The frame is directly connected to the wall bracket. Hidden screws ensure clean transitions that are easy to clean.