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Top class luxury as Bulgari Combining gorgeous,luxury and fashion Exist harmoniously in the elegant rhythm Turn into sections treasures Jumping,playing and crashing between colors Color revolution from monotonous to lively Luxurious golden white,charming golden rose,mysterious silver black,nutritious silver white Each color just like bright sunshine Wonderful space become fantastic Elegant details from Germany,pursuit absolute quality The perfect combination of magnificent style and extraordinary patent technology Excellence technics under the shinning color The moment when encounter COLOR is like a long lasting poetry.


Luxury and beauty

A combination of luxury and beauty. Luxury and fashion go elegantly together, like a playful combination of different colors. Each color combination is individual and has its own character. Elegant details from Germany in perfect top quality. The perfect combination of excellent style and exceptional technology.


Classic and durable color

Our colors are durable and do not fade as they are moisture resistant and scratch resistant. The lacquer on the surface provides a strong resistance, so the colors do not fade. Thus, no fingerprints are visible.


Excellent quality

If quality colors meet quality, then it is no longer monotonous. In the middle is a colored hinge with a 3 + 2 + 3 technology. The advantage is that the hinge is sharing on a central axis. This results in more stable than a 2 + 1 and 3 + 2 variant. Easy opening and longer durability are guaranteed.


German quality, best choice

The hinges manufactured in Germany are long-lasting and are used worldwide. These are wear-resistant, durable and stand for excellent quality.


Perfect combination of colors

The hinges, the handle, the frame and the wall holder are made of beautiful color combinations, inspired by jewels. The frame is connected directly to the clamp, hidden screws and processed seams look not only charmingly, but can also be cleaned excellently.


Just to mention the color, as if you only mention a small part

Handle and hinge can be selected in different colors. The upper and lower surfaces are marked with rounded corners, which are simply fantastic.