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Each product is individual and has been designed with a high degree of care

Corporate Philosophy / Vision

Serious ideas and leading techniques, we define our showers in a new dimension
United by a unique design and a revolutionary technology

Image Positioning

Full of confident, optimistic, positive and upward energy of wisdom!

Brand Prospective

Cultivate a brand confidence of high-end sanitary ware; adopt the combination of careful design and intellectual experience; relate innovation with happiness; and break people's limitation of aesthetic judgment for material stylish only! Represent the higher realm of modern technology, the more harmonious realm of product aesthetics as well as the inner quality of individualism and humanism, which is exciting and charming! Express the life style and feelings of the social elites, becoming the synonym of high-grade! Absorb the fundamental beauty of nature into a limited space, universe into heart.

Core values:

(Owner) People First / Innovation / the Realm of Meditation Classic (Customer) Comfort / Fashion / Pleasure / Elegance


Who knows others is wise; Who knows himself is smart

Company Culture

Those who have desire are wise. / Those who treat desire wisely is clear. / Those who enjoy bathing are wise. / Those who know how to choose the sanitary ware are clear.

Brand Philosophy

Use freedom for satisfaction


More intelligence, more happiness!